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Demand for Thilawa SEZ land tremendously increased

Wed, 06/10/2015 - 00:27 -- admin
Demand for Thilawa SEZ land tremendously increased

Currently, as of May 2014, Thilwa SEZ has received strong Letter of Intents to establish 45 manufacturing industries from investors from 11 countries. Majority of investors are from Japan and Hong Kong. 

As the first phased Class-A area is divided into three stages, the land area in the first stage have been fully booked, hence, the development of the second and third staged land areas, which were expected to be started in two years, needs to be started now. Measures are being taken to start developing these stages as soon as possible. 

Most industries that have sent strong Letter of Intents are medium and light industries that include automotive, auto-parts, electrical products, food, household goods, garment, footware, gloves, construction materials, etc. Among them, 18 are export-oriented industries, 23 are domestic market oriented, and 4 are logistic companies.